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eResearch Workshop 2015

 For tracking the NeCTAR eResearch workshop, 2015

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Thanks to those who attended the NeCTAR Research Cloud Developers and Implementers workshop last Friday at eResearch 2015. This was a first opportunity for us to pull together some of the training materials being developed across the NeCTAR Cloud and in the wider OpenStack community. The ambitious goal was to rapidly take people on a tour from "startup", to application architecture, and even further into infrastructure orchestration.

For those who missed out, we covered checklists for getting started, command line access beyond the dashboard, the OpenStack's first application architecture guide, use of Heat orchestration templates, and overviews of and Object Storage the cloud storage paradigm.

The slides, bookmarks to training and technologies discussed, and expert notes/advice on the use of NeCTAR cloud are available to all via a shared google folder.



(Research Cloud, NeCTAR.)


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