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QCIF Training

QCIF are running 'Creating a virtual machine on the Australian research cloud', a half-day workshop on 15 November at The University of Queensland.

Registration is free:

The Australian research cloud (also known as Nectar) has provided free, extended computational capacity to Australian researchers. Instead of tying up your own machine, you can use a virtual machine in the cloud to run your analysis while you keep your own desktop or laptop computer free for other tasks. The research cloud also allows you to gain access to resources with computational capabilities much larger than those of a desktop or laptop computer.

This workshop will introduce you to the Australian research cloud and show you how to gain access to resources.

This is a an introductory workshop only. After attending, attendees should be able to 

  • launch a virtual machine on the Australian research cloud
  • create public and private keys for use with their virtual machine
  • log in to their virtual machine

Attendees need to bring their own laptops to work on during the workshop.

If you are bringing a Windows laptop, you will need to have already downloaded PuTTY and PuTTYgen. Get both executable files here and download them to your desktop. 

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