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Problem creating accessing my instance from a second computer

I just built an instance and accessed it via SSH using the private/public keyset that was added during instance creation.

I now want to access the same instance, but from a different machine.  I followed these steps

1. Created a new private/public key on my Mac

2. Imported the public key in the 'key-pairs' tab of the 'access & security' area (

3. Hard rebooted the instance

4. SSH in using the following command:

ssh -i /Users/.../nectar/keys/avLabMac.key ubuntu@ip.address.of.instance

The result is:

Permission denied (publickey)

I have been through the various strategies specified in 'troubleshooting SSH access...' (  But nothing seems to work.

Can I access my instance from two different machines?  If so how?


This has been resolved - by nectar help staff.  The answer was to copy across the original keys that the instance was set up with, to the new computer.

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