About QCIF

The Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) Limited is a consortium of six Queensland universities structured as a not-for-profit company founded in 2000 (as QPSF - the Queensland Parallel SuperComputing Foundation and renamed in 2006).

QCIF’s members are:

  •     CQUniversity
  •     Griffith University
  •     James Cook University
  •     Queensland University of Technology
  •     The University of Queensland
  •     University of Southern Queensland
  •     University of the Sunshine Coast (associate member)

Based in two Queensland locations (Brisbane/Townsville), QRIScloud (RDSI-funded and hosted by QCIF) offers researchers large-scale cloud computing and data storage services.

QRIScloud allows researchers to use large virtual clusters, host web services, store even very large research datasets, share existing data collections across research communities, and collaborate more easily with researchers nationally and internationally, whether in government, academia or industry.

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Apply for Storage with QRIScloud

Register for an account using your institutional login credentials through AAF (Australian Access Federation) authentication. Users can request storage in the “Accounts” section of the QRIScloud portal. For more information see the QRISguide.

Storage at QCIF (QRIScloud)

Service Catalogue Datasheet

Storage nameCategoryFeatures
QRISdata - Frequent AccessWorkingFor datasets that are either changing or require frequent access. It is replicated daily with on and off site copies.  
QRISdata - Infrequent AccessWorkingDatasets that are accessed less frequently are less volatile and are not being used for compute intensive work. It is replicated daily with on and off site copies.
QRISdata - Archive StorageArchivalArchival storage for datasets. Data may be held off-line. It is replicated regularly with on and off site copies.
Computational StorageComputationalHigh-speed persistent disk storage that can be written and read like a physical computer’s hard drive

Storage-Related Services at QCIF (QRIScloud)

Service NameCategoryFeaturesLinks
QRIScloud portal
Service PortalQCIF’s web portal to manage access to research data and compute servicesuser guide
Data FabricThe Medici data fabric allows access to files via GPFS caches in the QCIF's primary data center, and on participating university's campuses. Medici facilitates ingestion of data on campus, and access from HPC systems in various locations.

DataData AccessProvides an endpoint for SSH-based access to collections.  Supported access protocols are ssh login, scp, sftp and rsync.

Data Access
Provides "personal" data shared, and web-based access to collections

Data Access
Subject to technical restrictions, a Nectar VM in QRIScloud may be granted access to NFS mount a collection

Hoover/ DustbusterData TransferFast ingest of data from your hard drives on QCIF premises/ Load your data to QCIF portable hard drives on your premisesinformation
ReDBoxWorkflowPrimarily a research data registry, ReDBox provides workflows and interfaces for the creation of metadata. ReDBox allows for the upload of data as well as supporting evidence files (e.g licences or IP statements). information

For more information on Storage and other services at QCIF, lodge a support ticket or visit www.qcif.edu.au or www.qriscloud.org.au.