About NCI

National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), as Australia’s national research computing service in Canberra, provides world-class, high-end services to Australia’s researchers, the primary objectives of which are to raise the ambition, impact, and outcomes of Australian research through access to advanced, computational and data-intensive methods, support, and high-performance infrastructure.

NCI’s members are:

  •     Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

  •     Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

  •     Geoscience Australia (GA)

  •     Australian National University

  •     University of Technology, Sydney

  •     University of Wollongong

  •     Deakin University

  •     Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Useful Links:

Apply for Storage with NCI

Apply for resources through the NCI user portal. Find information about how to register on the NCI website.

Storage at NCI

Data Storage Webpage

Storage nameCategoryFeatures
MASSDATAArchivalReplicated storage for data sets that are accessed infrequently
Raijin FilesystemComputationalThree different storage systems linked to the Raijin HPC
National Research Data CollectionHostedNationally and Internationally significant datasets

For more information on Storage and other services at NCI, lodge a support ticket or visit