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Intersect and Nectar Research Cloud node in Sydney, delivers data storage, compute and analysis platforms, custom engineering, expert consulting and training programs to its member organisations and the wider research community.

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Intersect Space is a large scale, high performance, collaborative, and cost effective digital storage system specially tailored, designed and constructed by researchers for researchers.

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Large amounts of active storage with maximum performance for use with your own applications. Combines the best of open and proprietary data transport technologies. Data can be read, written, copied, moved, checkpointed or synchronised; either programmatically or interactively.



Designed for discipline-specific, dedicated research applications: your virtual lab in Space. Ideal when combined with virtual computing to create a unified app hosting environment with Intersect as a single point of support.



A kind of Space suitable for archive retention, either as a secondary mirror or a primary backup. Trades performance for capacity but in all other respects emulates active storage for protocol and application access.



Ready-made web environment for people to collaborate on research data and metadata. Enables distributed groups to share, manipulate, curate and manage any type of data. Suitable for non-IT people, requiring minimal administration. 

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Space-Related Services at Intersect 

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Data Management

Research data capture and sharing application that provides a full lifecycle research data management solution out-of-the-box.



Cloud Computing

OwnTime is an Intersect cloud computing service providing virtual computation. OwnTime provides access to large VM configurations - up to 64 Cores and 1000GB RAM that computer intensive applications may require.


Research Tool

Launchpod is a tool to deploy virtual machines (VMs) on the NeCTAR Research Cloud with one of a number of preconfigured research-based software applications. Launchpod is designed like a wizard; it will take care of the technical aspects of spawning a VM by asking you some details. 


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