About eRSA

eRSA is a service provider offering expert computing technology knowledge, services and facilities to the research, government and business sectors in South Australia. eRSA’s services include high-performance computing, data management and storage, cloud computing, software development and consultancy.

eRSA’s members are:

  •     University of Adelaide
  •     University of South Australia
  •     Flinders University

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Apply for Storage with eRSA

To enquire about data storage, email Use your institutional contact to enquire about federally funded data storage.

Storage at eRSA

eRSA Data Storage

Storage name Category Features
Funded data storage Archival Research of national significance is made accessible to enable re-use and collaboration
Tiered Storage Working Storage for actively used data, it is archived after a period of inactivity
Computational Computational Linked to the Tizard High Powered Computing system
Object Archival “Object” storage for data that is accessed infrequently

For more information on storage and other services at eRSA, lodge a support ticket or visit