When a project allocation reaches 80% of its allotted lifetime, or 1 month prior to expiry (whichever is less) the project (aka tenant) manager/s and members are notified via email that the project allocation is due to expire.  The email presents the following options for managing their allocation.  Note that the primary responsibility for dealing with this rests on the project manager/s.

  1. If the project managers would like the project allocation to continue, they need to apply for an extension of the allocation. Please refer to the section "Submit a Request for More Resources" in Managing an Allocation for instructions on how to apply for an allocation extension.  
    • Note that this application can only be made by the contact for the project; i.e. the person who can see the allocation in the "Allocations > MyRequests tab on the Dashboard.  
    • If you do not know who the contact for a project is, please contact Nectar Support.)
  2. If the project managers do not wish to continue with the project allocation, they are responsible for ensuring continuity of their services (if applicable) and that any important data is preserved prior to the expiry date. 
    • We request that you release any instances, storage and other resources ahead of the expiry if you are no longer using them. This will allow other NeCTAR users to use them.
    • Please refer to the "Back up and Restore" article on how to back up your data safely.  
    • Note that you will need to store any backup copies of your data outside of the Nectar cloud.  Any backups held in the Nectar cloud will not be retained following project expiry.

If the project requests an extension to their allocation, then the existing process for approving or declining project allocation extensions is followed. The project expiry will not start before a project allocation request is declined.

If an allocation extension has not been applied for upon expiry or if a extension request has been declined then the project manager/s and members are notified by email when the project expiry process starts.  The timeline for expiry is as follows:

  • Day 1: The allocation's quotas are immediately reduced to zero quota for 2 weeks after expiry except for 15 Dec to 31 Jan period where the zero quota extended to 1 month. Existing VMs will continue to run but no new VMs can be instantiated within the project.  During this period you should backup your instances and data, and release unwanted resources.
  • Day 30: Snapshots will be taken of any instances that remain, and then the instances will be terminated. The snapshots will be archived for a further 2 months, together with any project data in object and volume storage. Project managers and members will be advised by email on how they may retrieve the archived information. 

  • Day 90: The archived snapshots and other data will be permanently deleted.