[Event] NeCTAR Research Cloud Training at The University Of Western Australia on 22nd Feb

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is pleased to invite you to the NeCTAR Research Cloud training – Introductory Workshop.

This is a two day training workshop that will provide attendees with an introduction to the FREE Cloud resources available from the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. At the end of the workshop attendees should feel confident in applying for larger allocations and with applying this exciting new technology to their research.

Presented by Chris Bording from the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, the workshop will aim to provide an introduction to the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

The course will cover:

NeCTAR workshop training

  • Introduction, outcomes and motivation for using NeCTAR
  • Setting up your local resource for accessing the cloud
  • Accessing the NeCTAR dashboard
  • Applying for NeCTAR allocations.
  • Obtaining Keys and setting Security Groups
  • Creating and Launching an Instance
  • Moving your data to the NeCTAR research cloud
  • Managing data storage and file systems.
  • Installing applications
  • Creating Snapshots.

Introduction to the Unix shell

  • The basics of the Unix shell.
  • Creating and Editing files.
  • BASH shell scripting

Intro to using Git

  • Setting up a local git repository.
  • Adding/committing files and directories in git.
  • Interacting with Github, creating forks, merging and tracking changes.

Installing applications and managing dependencies

  • How setup your environment in cloud!
  • Searching and installing packages with yum/apt-get.
  • Advanced package management with MAALI.

Creating basic pipelines and Advanced job scripting

  • Moving data around in the cloud.
  • Basic scripting to run serial jobs.
  • Basic scripting to run threaded/parallel jobs.
  • Nohup 

This workshop is free of charge, however prior registration by 19 Feb 2016 is essential as space is limited. Please note that participants will need to bring their own UWA or personal laptop to this training workshop. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

RSVP https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nectar-research-cloud-training-the-university-of-western-australia-registration-21422185333

Spice Room (Yellow), Physics Building, Centre for Learning Technology
35 Crawley, WA 6009 Australia

More info contact organiser Chris Bording chris.bording@pawsey.org.au

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Technology Park, Kensington
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The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is an unincorporated joint venture of CSIRO and the four public WA universities with funding from the State Government. The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre fosters and promotes scientific and technological innovation through the provision of supercomputing, data and visualisation services to the research community, commercial organisations and government agencies. In 2009, the organisation was charged with establishing and operating the $80 million Pawsey Centre by the Australian government.