[Resolved] Network issue affecting melbourne-qh2 and melbourne-qh2-uom (Monday, May 23)

Currently there is a network issue affecting the melbourne-qh2 and melbourne-qh2-uom zones causing packet losses to certain instances from some parts of the University of Melbourne campus network. The issue is intermittent, and those instances might be reachable again after going off the network for a while. 

Our Network Services team are working on the root cause and fix, and we are rolling out some temporary workarounds. We will keep you updated on the progress. 

Update 1 (17:00 AEST Monday, May 23)

A problematic switch has been identified and removed. The network flapping issue seems to have been resolved. We will monitor it over night and update you again tomorrow to confirm. 

Update 2 (10:00am AEST Wednesday, May 25)

The issue has been resolved by Network Services team.