[Unscheduled Outage] Pawsey Zone - Lost Power to Cooling

 Pawsey Zone Unscheduled Outage - Lost Power to Cooling  (17:00 22-09-2016 AWST)

Thurs, 22/09/2016 - 17:00 pm

There has been sudden loss of power to cooling system at Pawsey.

To ensure systems are not damaged to overheating or sudden trips of power, the systems running all NeCTAR instances and services in the Pawsey availability zone have been powered off

There is no current ETA on restoration of power on the cooling system at the moment.

UPDATE - The cooling systems have been restored, and the Pawsey NeCTAR Ops team are working to restart NeCTAR services and instances in their availability zone.

I'm not able to start my instance on Pawsey yet. 

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