[Hazard][monash-01] Brief network(routing) disruption (Friday 21st July 2017)


Today - Friday 21/7/17 - at approx 4pm there will be a short disruption (30-60 seconds) to routing of networks in the monash-01 zone in preparation for physical relocation of networking plant tomorrow (Saturday 22/7/17).


The default monash-01 public network that research cloud instances in monash-01 are connected to will be impacted. Any network traffic into or out of this subnet, e.g., to the Internet, AARNET, or other Monash subnets (notably research storage other than direct-attached volumes) will be disrupted for 30-60 seconds as the routing function moves. Ping (and other unreliable delivery protocols) tests during this time will drop packets, however established TCP connections should remain open (just unresponsive).


If this short disruption could be a problem for your services then you should take immediate action to fail-over critical services to another zone. Please contact support for any assistance required with this.



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