[RESOLVED] [SERVICE DISRUPTION] Networking Issues at Melbourne Node

There are currently networking problems in the melbourne-qh2-uom private cell, causing issues when creating, stopping and deleting instances. We believe active and running instances are unaffected.

The cause is unknown. Melbourne Node operators are investigating the issue. We apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause in the meantime.

Other Availability Zones, including melbourne-np and melbourne-qh2, are unaffected.

We will post updates here as information comes to light. If you need support with any issues being caused by this incident, please get in touch:

Update (2:15pm): We believe we have identified the cause of the problem. Rolling out the fix and testing whether everything is okay will take a few hours. The current projected ETA for resolution is COB today.

Update (5:45pm): We believe this problem is now resolved.