eRSA Node Moves to Univerisity of Tasmania Data Centre

The South Australian Node of the Nectar Research Cloud, operated by eRSA, is moving to a new data centre. There will be a transition period that will impact users of the eRSA node and the associated SA availability zone in the Nectar Cloud. The eRSA node was shut down on 29 June 2018 and the existing cloud hardware is currently being reinstalled in a new data centre. Once this migration of equipment to the new data centre has been completed, the SA availability zone will be available in the same way as it was previously but hosted in a University of Tasmania data centre.

Existing users of the eRSA node have already been notified of the impending shutdown and were assisted to move to another Nectar cloud node, or an alternative local cloud platform run by eRSA (the Tango Cloud), prior to the shutdown. 

A new (temporary reduced capacity) availability zone has already been implemented for South Australian users and is hosted in a University of Tasmania data centre, which also hosts the Tasmanian Nectar Cloud  Node managed by TPAC. The continuation of the SA node in the 2018/19 financial year has been made possible by an exciting collaboration between eRSA and TPAC to ensure minimal disruption to users.

Questions regarding this transition can be addressed to the Nectar Research Cloud eHelp support portal or email

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