[RESOLVED] [SERVICE DEGRADED] Compute in Tasmania Availability Zone

19 September 2019.

Shortly before 9am we were made aware of problems performing state changes on compute instances. Attempts to change the state of an instance will result in timeout errors and instances left in a (temporarily) unusable state.

State changes which will cause problems include (but are not limited to)

* Creation

* Deletion

* Restarting

Update 10:15

It has been determined that issues started to appear at 16:55 on 18 September. Cause is still under investigation.

Update 12:55

Root cause has been identified and testing of recovery options is underway.

Update 13:25

Services have been restored from 13:15.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Other Availability Zones are unaffected.

If you need support with any issues being caused by this incident, please get in touch:

Submit a ticket at https://support.ehelp.edu.au/support/tickets/new

Email support@ehelp.edu.au