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[Known issue] The "m1" and "m2" flavors are no longer available in some AZs.

The Nectar m1 and m2 flavors were superseded by m3, r3 and c3 flavors (see Introducing Nectar's New Flavors) and have been deprecated since in January 2019.  Some Nectar nodes have subsequently started the process of removing the flavors entirely.

New m1 and m2 instances can no longer be launched in the Monash or QRIScloud availability zones.  (This has been implemented for some time.  In the QRIScloud case, it happened with the Stage 5 migration.)  If you attempt to launch an m1 or m2 instance in one of these AZs, the launch will fail with a "No valid host was found" error message.


  • The best solution is to choose an m3, r3 or c3 flavor and launch that instead.  See the Nectar Flavors page for the list of available public flavors and their characteristics.
    • If you need to launch an r3 or c3 instance, submit an allocation amendment requesting access to RAM or CPU optimized flavors.
  • If you were relying on the ephemeral storage in an m1 or m2 flavor for the extra disk space:
    • The new flavors (apart from the smallest ones) have a 30GB root file system.
    • If 30GB is not enough, submit an allocation amendment requesting Volume Storage in the storage zone where your instance will run.
  • If you were relying on ephemeral storage in an m1 or m2 flavor for performance reasons (e.g. because it uses fast local drives in some AZs), please contact Nectar Support.
  • As a short term measure you could launch your instance in an AZ that still supports the deprecated flavors. However, other AZs are likely to withdraw support fairly soon as they update and optimize their hardware.
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