Next Generation Nectar Cloud Load Balancers release

A  new Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) system was released today (8 July 2020) to the Nectar Research Cloud. The new next generation load balancers replace the existing LBaaS offering and  provide increased stability and enhanced features. . New features include the addition of:


Load Balancing Algorithms:  LEAST_CONNECTION ,SOURCE_IP 


The new supported load balancing features are offered in addition to the existing supported features of TCP protocol, ROUND_ROBIN load balancing algorithm and PING and TCP health monitors.

Existing load balancers will continue to run for the time being and can be accessed under “Legacy Load Balancers”. However, no new legacy load balancers will be permitted and all quota for legacy load balancers will be transferred to next gen load balancers.

Users with existing legacy load balancers are encouraged to switch to new LBaaS load balancers and can be done with minimal downtime if a floating IP is used. You can make this transition at a time that is convenient to you by creating a new next gen load balancer via the dashboard or via the openstack client. 

Otherwise, all legacy load balancers will be shut down and migrated to the new LBaaS load balancers on  the 11th of August 2020 between 10am - 2pm with an expected downtime of your load balancer of 1 hour.

For further details on switching to the new load balancers please review our support documentation or reply to this email if you require further assistance in making the transition.

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