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[Known Issue] Unable to configure network security groups from the Dashboard for the Database service

When using the Nectar Database service, it is advisable to limit access to your database instance for security purposes.

Therefore, we recommended that when you create a database instance, you provide the CIDRs (or IP address ranges) in the Allowed Hosts field when launching from the dashboard or the --allowed-cidr option when launching from the command line.

Unfortunately this value can only be provided at launch time, and cannot be applied to a running database instance or modified once the database instance has been created, so you will need to launch a new instance if you find yourself in this situation.

Alternatively, you can use Advanced Networking to launch you database in a private network if you do not require access outside of the Nectar Research Cloud.

Please note that you may require Advanced Networking quotas if you wish to use a private network.

We encourage you to familiarise themselves with the Database tutorial and knowledge base article for more information the the Nectar database service.

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