[Hazard notice] Monash - Network infrastructure maintenance window (Friday 11th Dec)

As part of the Network capability uplift within MeRC(Monash eResearch Centre), a maintenance window is planned to upgrade the backbone infrastructure.

The main benefits of this upgrade will be:

  • Additional redundancy within the 'core' tier of the network
  • An upgrade in port speed from 10/40G to 100G and therefore bandwidth through the backbone
  • Consistency in the network design and architecture across the DC and Core of the network
  • A topology that lends itself to the addition of future security appliances
  • Continued integration with our centrally managed automation systems


Planned Start: 12:00 , Friday, 11th Dec 2020 (AEDT)

Planned Finish: 22:00 , Friday, 11th Dec 2020 (AEDT)

Total : 10 hrs


All platforms including research cloud in the MeRN(Monash eResearch Network) data centre to the Monash University Corporate data centre may experience a 1-2sec interruption as traffic is adjusted.

Instruments at the building in Clayton campus connected to MeRN will experience two interruptions

1-2sec between 3pm-4pm

1hr or so between 2:30pm-3:30pm due to the physical migration effort


Within AZ or intra AZs(monash-01, monash-02, monash-03) or connection to/from external network(for example: google or other sites in Nectar) is not affected with this change.

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