[Completed][Hazard] melbourne-qh2 & melbourne-qh2-uom storage cluster maintenance

Starting Tuesday 2021-01-12 09:00am AEDT, the storage cluster underpinning the melbourne-qh2 availability zone (Nectar Research Cloud) and melbourne-qh2-uom availability zone (Melbourne Research Cloud) will be upgraded.

The storage cluster serves both instance root/ephemeral disks, as well as Cinder persistent volumes.

Start time:                      2021-01-12  9:00 AEDT
Estimated completion:  2021-01-15 17:00 AEDT


No outage is required, however there may be very minor disruptions to client IO. This may manifest as block IO timeouts to instances attempting to read or write to root/ephemeral disks or attached persistent volumes in the melbourne-qh2 & melbourne-qh2-uom availability zones.


If you experience any ongoing IO issues please report them by submitting a ticket to the helpdesk:
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Upgrade completed successfully at approximately 2021-01-13 04:30am

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