[Resolved] Degraded service Advanced networking in Tasmania and Tasmania-s Availability Zones

Update 23:46: Routing of Floating IP addresses from Tasmania pool returned at 23:05.

Update 19:30: Further clarification on what is impacted; Tasmanian Floating IP addresses are not being routed. Use of private networks is not impacted, except where a Floating IP address from the Tasmania pool is being used. Instances in other Nectar availability zones will be impacted if they are using a Floating IP address from the Tasmania pool.

Update 18:30: Root cause analysis is still underway. Investigation will resume Wednesday morning.

Original post:

From approximately 13:50 on Tuesday 16th February 2021 there has been an issue impacting Nectar zones hosted at TPAC (tasmania and tasmania-s).

No ETA is available at this time while root cause analysis is undertaken.

Expected impacts:
* Issues launching instances with Advanced Networking

* Instances with Advanced Networking being inaccessible outside Tasmania/Tasmania-s Availability Zones

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Other Availability Zones are unaffected.

If you need support with any issues being caused by this incident, please get in touch:
* Submit a ticket at https://support.ehelp.edu.au/support/tickets/new
* Email support@ehelp.edu.au