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[Resolved] Services in Tasmania and Tasmania-s Tasmania-02 Availability Zones

Network issue is causing widespread outage for the all Tasmanian AZs and possibly effecting other AZs too.

Duration unknown at this point.


All services functioning normally from 13.45 2/12/2021

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This issue lis largely resolved, with some exceptions.

Timeline of events so far:
13:45: Network failure occurred

- This affected all cells; no instance management would have been possible during this time

- All instances in TPAC hosted zones were unreachable

14:02: Network recovery underway

- instance management across federation restored.

- limited access to instances within TPAC

14:20: Storage for Tasmania and Tasmania-s still in degraded state due to ongoing network problems.

- Some instances still unavailable or taking a long time to respond

14:53: Storage recovery complete

- Instance responsiveness back to normal levels

The exception to the recovery timeline above is Advanced Networking which remains unreliable following the failures. Investigation will resume tomorrow morning.

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