[Completed][Outage][Hazard] [monash-01] Network outage during switch migration

Dear Nectar User(s),   
As part of continuous improvement to the infrastructure, monash-01 Network switches are being migrated to the new infrastructure.  

  There was a major network disruption between 9:40 - 10:10 (9th of Dec, 2021) of the monash-01 services owing to alternate network paths not working during the migration. This was immediately remedied by the Network Team.  

What do the users need to do:   
The network connectivity is resumed. We request users to check their access to their VMs and related services.

Current Status:
The migration is still under process and we do not expect any impact, however we are closely monitoring for any unexpected incident. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 
We apologise for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.  

Kind regards,  

Research Cloud at Monash
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