[Hazard Notice] DDoS Simulation

On 2022-01-26 (Australia Day), the University of Melbourne Network and Cybersecurity teams will be simulating a large-scale DDoS attack to test current detection and mitigation mechanisms. The simulation will take place from 00:00 (midnight) through to 09:00 (9am).

It is not anticipated that Nectar services will be disrupted by this. However, it is plausible that there will be some intermittent failures during the simulation window, since much of Nectar's core infrastructure is hosted in the University of Melbourne data centre.

Possible effects could be inability to access the Nectar dashboard or instances (especially instances hosted at Melbourne Node), and slow or failed API calls. Note that this describes a worst-case scenario, and overall we don't expect the simulation to be very visible to most Nectar users. Furthermore, although networking connectivity to instances may be lost, the instances themselves will continue running on their compute hosts during the planned event.

We apologize for any inconvenience.