Networking upgrade

There are some behind the scenes upgrades happening to our networking services within the Nectar Cloud, which will improve stability and performance in the Cloud. This is happening around the middle of May 2023. 

Impact to users 

At this point in time, there are is no impact to existing users and their projects. However, later this year (Q3/Q4), projects with advanced networking capabilities will need to migrate their resources across to the new system. We will provide an update later with more information. We will communicate & work with individual users to assist with the process when it is required.

Technical details

We are migrating software defined networking from Midonet to Open Virtual Network (OVN) as Midonet is no longer maintained in OpenStack and has problems affecting some projects. 

The specific changes which will occur

  • Advance Networking resources (network/routers/subnets) to be migrated from Midonet to OVN

  • Floating IPs (FIPs) to be migrated from Midonet to OVN

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