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The national unified RDS/NeCTAR user support portal is here to help, for information or support please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 1300 080 431



Call 1300 080 431 to speak to a member of our support team, or live chat through our helpdesk portal.


About the eHelp Support Portal

The new eHelp portal was launched at QuestNet 2016 and incorporates both the existing Nectar support services and now RDS support to form a new national unified RDS/Nectar user support service.  The new support portal allows users to obtain support from one location for both RDS and Nectar Services. You can ask for help through our many support channels, which include email, live chat or phone us 1300 080 431 from 9AM - 6PM AEST.

In response to the growing demand on national eResearch infrastructure services, Research Data Services (RDS) and National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (Nectar), two programs federally funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), have partnered to provide a collaborative online and telephone Help Desk.  This help desk will cover researcher's support needs for both national infrastructure programs. The help desk is operated by the RDS and Nectar eResearch national service providers eRSA, Intersect, QCIF, TPAC and VicNode.  QCIF has partnered with eRSA to create the support desk delivery systems.

The support desk provides researchers with guidance for using nationally funded Nectar Research Cloud and RDS infrastructure services.  These include the storage, management, access and sharing of data with other researchers locally and internationally, as well as the use of servers, tools and cloud computing infrastructure for processing, analysis and collaboration.  The service will support the research life cycle through to the cataloguing and archiving of data typically required at the completion of a project.

This enhanced service caters to the needs of researchers, scientists, universities and other organisations by providing a single point of contact for RDS storage and Nectar Research Cloud and associated local expert support, resources and services.

Since Nectar launched the support service for the Research Cloud at eResearch Australasia in September 2015, the service has been supporting an increasing number of new users, on average over 150 each month. Significant effort has gone into improving the level of support, developing documentation and training over this period. Both RDS and Nectar expect the new joint support capability to serve a much greater number of Australian researchers while covering a larger range of services.

 The support desk provides a wide range of information to serve the full spectrum of clientele from research students through early career researchers to experienced scientists within universities, industry and commerce.