Using SSH to connect to your instance

A full tutorial to access your instance using SSH or VNC is available on the Nectar Tutorial site here. 

In order to access a running Nectar instance using SSH and a terminal, there are four pieces of information that you need to know:

  1. Username
    There are default usernames set for Nectar Official images, listed in the image catalog
  2. IP address
    Obtained from the Instances tab on the Nectar Cloud Dashboard
  3. Private key
    Know the path to the Nectar private key file on your computer
  4. SSH
    You are accessing the instance via SSH protocol, using port 22

If you have problems accessing your instance using the instructions on this page, please read the article on troubleshooting SSH access.

Console Access through the Web Browser

After you have set up a password for your user account on the virtual machine (see instructions here), you can access the instance via the Nectar Dashboard in your web browser. This is useful in situations where you need to access the instance form a computer that does not have your private key stored on it, for example.