If you work or study at an Australian University you will be able to login to the Nectar Research Cloud using your institutional credentials. Access to the Nectar Research Cloud is enabled by the Australian Access Federation (AAF).

AAF Authentication

Your AAF credentials are the same as your institutional username and password. To check that your organisation is a member of the AAF check the complete AAF member list.

If your institution is not a member of the AAF, talk to your local IT team to arrange access.

Logging in

Once you have obtained your AAF credentials, you can follow these steps to login to the Nectar Cloud Dashboard:

  • Click here to go to the NeCTAR Dashboard and you will see the following screen:


  • Click 'Log In' button, then select your AAF organisation from the menu:


  • You will be redirected to a login page provided by your selected institution/organization:


  • Type in the username/password that was supplied by your institution/organization and click the 'Continue' button. If this was successful, you should see the Nectar Dashboard.

If you have any issues contact the Nectar Research Cloud HelpDesk.

Login Problems

If your login details are rejected first check your Research Institution is a member of the AAF.

If your research institution is a member but you still can't login, you can contact IT Service department of your own research institution. They can provide support for issues with your login credentials. Alternatively, you can lodge a ticket by selecting "Ask For Help" at the top of this page..