Choosing strong passwords is important. Guidelines, best practices and indeed often password requirements are not always consistent and sometimes outright conflicting.

Here at Nectar we try to use Key-based security where we can, but we recognise this is not always possible.

In those cases that you have to choose a password, we recommend that at the very least you do all of the following:

Choose a long password

The more characters the better.

Choose a unique password

And by unique we don't just mean that nobody else uses it. We also mean that you don't re-use that password for any other accounts that you have.

Use password manager software

Familiarise yourself with one of the many password managers out there and let it do the remembering for you.

"A password manager allows the user to use hundreds of different passwords, and only have to remember one."

And don't take our word for it: have a read of this post at Pluralsight digesting NIST guidelines or Wikipedia's informative article on Password Strength