Nectar have packaged the GLAM workbench into the Application Catalogue so you can create your own instance of the workbench running in the Nectar Research Cloud. We have also provided a glossary at the end of this article to help with terminology.

Creating the application

1. Click the Applications tab, then the Browse and Browse Local sub-tabs. 

2.  Type GLAM into the search field on the right.  

3.  Once it appears, click Quick Deploy.

4. Now you need to configure the application. Choose your desired Instance flavour, Key Pair, and the Availability Zone. Click next to continue. 

5.  At the next screen, you can choose an optional Host name and DNS zone name for your instance. Click next to continue. (If you are trying this using your Project Trial, there will be no DNS zones available).

6. Here you may select a Volume if you have one available. Note: This volume needs to be in the same availability zone that you selected earlier for your application, otherwise the deployment will not work. 

7. Here, you get to select which Workbench repository to install. Currently there are four options, and more will be added in time. Lastly, enter a Password, which you will use to access your Workbench (keep this safe!). 

8. The final screen, you need to set the name of your instance, and then you can click Create.

9. You should now see your application as Ready to Deploy, select Deploy this Environment. 

10.  Your application should now be ready for you to use. Click the link that appears next to, 'GLAM Workbench is now available at:". 

11. On the screen that opens, enter the password you made during the setup process, and click log in.

12. Success!

Here is some extra information if this is your first time interacting with the Nectar Cloud:

Instance: a term used to describe your cloud computer where your GLAM Workbench application is hosted.

Instance Flavour: a flavour prescribes the size of a collection of computer components, such as memory and CPU. You can’t select the size of these components individually, but select a flavour type (example: small, medium, large) which predefines the size of each component appropriately for you. 

Key Pair: A Public-Private keypair is used in the Nectar instead of a password, when accessing your Cloud Computer by the Secure Shell method. However, with the GLAM Workbench application, you do use a password to access you application.

Availability Zone: this is the physical data centre location where an instance resides. 

Further pre-reading can be found here.