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Nectar Applications - Overview Nectar
Overview of the Nectar Applications tab, where users can launch an instance with aplications pre-configured.
Nectar Applications - R-Studio Nectar
Easy set-up of RStudio server (accessed via web browser) using Nectar Applications
Nectar Applications - BioLinux
Easy set-up of a bio-linux instance using Nectar Applications
Nectar Applications - Duply Backups
Easy set-up of a Duply instance for backups
eRSA Emu Cluster in the Cloud eRSA SA A compute cluster where you can submit jobs, like using HPC
eRSA Cloud Software Repository eRSA SA Launch an instance with access to extensive pre-installed software.
Intersect DIVER Intersect
An application to capture and share research data
Intersect Launchpod Intersect
A  tool to launch a preconfigured Nectar instance
Intersect Twitter Scraper Intersect
An application to collect data from a Twitter stream
Monash Bioinformatics Training Platform Monash Bioplatforms A training tool for bioinformatics training workshops
Generic instructions to mount an NFS file server on an instance
A toolkit to make running multiple analyses easier and resource efficient
A virtual laboratory space for ecosystem research
TPAC Aurora TPAC University of Tasmania A compute cluster where you can submit jobs, like using HPC
TPAC Matlab with Remote Desktop TPAC University of Tasmania An image with Matlab set-up, used from a GUI virtual desktop
TPAC Remote Desktop TPAC
An image which is set-up for running as a GUI virtual desktop
TPAC R-Studio with Remote Desktop TPAC
An image with RStudio pre-installed, used form a GUI virtual desktop
Pawsey- Installing R and RStudio in the cloud Pawsey
Comprehensive instructions for installing and running R, and setting up RStudio server in the web browser
Pawsey bcbio in the Nectar Research Cloud Pawsey
Instructions to install and configure an instance for using bcbio tools
Information for setting up Matlab on Nectar
NCI Remote Job Submission NCI NCI A tool to manage job submission on the Raijin HPC
Dynamic Cluster as a Service (DCaaS)--eRSA Dynamic Cluster Documentation eRSA
Information on setting up a dynamic cluster
Pawsey NeCTAR Storage and NCBI data Pawsey
Information on using Nectar storage and installing NCBI datasets on your instance
VicNode and NeCTAR Cloud Storage - Use Cases, Patterns and Tools Vicnode Vicnode Information on linking your Vicnode storage to a Nectar instance