“I have a Magnum Kubernetes Cluster. How do I migrate this?”

Unfortunately due to the dependencies of Magnum stack, you will have to recreate the cluster. We have new Cluster Templates that support Kubernetes v1.26, which you are highly encouraged to use to create your new cluster with, as Kubernetes v1.25 and below are End-of-Life.

To ensure that your new cluster is created in Modern Networking, you need to do the following.

  1. Follow the instructions to switch your project to Modern Networking. This only affects newly created resources, so your current Kubernetes cluster(s) will still work.
  2. Create a cluster with the new v1.26 templates. These templates have the name format ‘kubernetes-<availability_zone>-v1.26.8’
  3. Check that the new Magnum cluster’s Network is using Modern Networking. The cluster name has the same name as the cluster. See the original support doc for the steps to identify the network type.
  4. If you use Kubernetes resources like Loadbalancers or Ingresses, you should create them now for your new clusters. As you have switched your project to Modern Networking, this will ensure that Floating IPs will be created in Modern Networking
  5. If you find yourself needing to (re-)create resources like Loadbalancer or Ingress for your old clusters on Legacy Networking, you can switch your project back to Legacy Networking.