Archival storage is optimised for research data that does not change very often and/or needs to be preserved for the long term. The storage medium is typically lower cost and may have slower response times when accessing data (e.g. lower cost disk or tape). Data is replicated on a routine basis (less frequent than working storage) in case of hardware and media failure and data corruption. Some Nodes may offer data encryption services to protect the data from unauthorised access. 

Data types:  Archival storage aids the dissemination, publication and/or long term preservation of completed research datasets.

 Node Storage Name Features Links
IntersectDeepSpaceA kind of Space suitable for archive retention, either as a secondary mirror or a primary backup. Trades performance for capacity but in all other respects emulates active storage for protocol and application access.
QCIFQRISdata - Archive StorageArchival storage for datasets. Data may be held off-line. It is replicated regularly with on and off site copies   
Tools: Mediaflux; Aspera; SSH/GridFTP