High-throughput, low latency storage (disk and/or solid state drives) with high speed connectivity to computational services. It is for short-term use and is generally not replicated. The user is usually responsible transferring data outputs to more secure, longer-term storage.

Data types:  Research data that is undergoing processing or analysis using specialist high performance computing facilities or cloud computing resources.

 Node  Storage Name  Features  Links
eRSA Computational Linked to the Tizard High Powered Computing system information
Intersect SpaceLab Designed for discipline-specific, dedicated research applications: your virtual lab in Space. Ideal when combined with Time.intersect.org.au virtual computing to create a unified app hosting environment with Intersect as a single point of support.
QCIF Computational Storage High-speed persistent disk storage that can be written and read like a physical computer’s hard drive information
NCI Raijin Filesystem Three different storage systems linked to the Raijin HPC information;
user guide
VicNode Computational Stored close to computation hardware information