In "STEP 2: Cloud resources" of the Allocation Request Form, after selecting a Resource Bundle, you can request Location Specific Resources. Most computing resources on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud are packaged into the selected Resource Bundle, and are available at any location (availability zone). However, you can also request additional resources at specific locations:

Volume Storage

A Persistent Volume looks and acts like a hard drive that can be attached to your virtual machine instances. Volumes and their data persist independently of virtual machine instances and volumes can be dynamically attached and detached to/from different virtual machine instances. Volumes can be encrypted too. Specify the total size in gigabytes that the project will need and where you want to create the volume. Volumes can be provisioned as either a standard volume or encrypted volume or a mixture of both. If choosing encrypted volumes please refer to our Introduction to Cloud Storage support article to understand risks, limitations and general information about volume storage. Please note performance of encrypted volumes is reduced with read and writes to the encrypted volume (3-4x performance reduction). For more information, please read our Persistent Volume Storage support article.

Shared File System Service

The Nectar shared filesystem service provides a simple interface for provisioning and managing shared filesystems. Access to these systems can be via NFS, CIFS(SMB) or CEPHFS. For more information, please read our Shared File System Service support article.