[Complete] Cloud services at risk Jan 05, 2016, 10:30am-11:30am AEDT

Update 01:05PM AEDT Tue Jan 5th 2016: the spanning tree issue has been resolved, Melbourne QH2 network is back to operational.

Update 12:50PM AEDT Tue Jan 5th 2016: the switches are running into some spanning tree issues, which are causing network disruptions in Melbourne QH2 Datacenter. The University of Melbourne Network Services team are working on fixing them. 

Please be aware there is a scheduled maintenance window where minor network upgrades will be performed.

Duration: 1 hour

Start Time: 10:30 AEDT Tue Jan 5th 2016

End Time: 11:30 AEDT Tue Jan 5th 2016

Several switches that are in use by cloud services will be upgraded and rebooted as part of melbourne-qh2 network maintenance. Users should expect no impact to services, due to their redundant configuration.