The Nectar Container Orchestration Engine (COE) service provides support for provisioning Kubernetes clusters as a service on the Nectar Research Cloud. This allows a user to spin up a container cluster (Kubernetes) on Nectar Research Cloud.

Currently only Kubernetes as a Container Orchestration Engine is supported. For a tutorial on how to create a Kubernetes cluster, please visit the Kubernetes Tutorial.

To spin up a Kubernetes container cluster, you need quotas for the following resources:    

  • Clusters - 1 per cluster that you want to run
  • Floating IPs - 2 per cluster
  • Load balancers - 3 per cluster
  • Networks - 1 per cluster
  • Instances - at least 2 per cluster

There is a step by step tutorial available to teach you how to create a Cluster. Please visit the Nectar Tutorial Website.