[Completed][Scheduled outage] monash-01 zone external network (Internet) connectivity hazard Thursday Jan 21, 2016, 6:00pm-8:00pm AEDT

Please be aware there will be a brief (5-10 minute) outage between the monash-01 zone and the rest of the RC and Internet whilst engineers migrate Monash eResearch Network routing to new 40/100Gb infrastructure.

Duration: 10 minutes

Start Time: 6:00pm AEDT Thurs Jan 21st 2016

End Time: 8:00pm AEDT Thurs Jan 21st 2016

During the outage:

  • instances in the monash-01 zone will be cut-off from the Internet, broader AARNet services, and other NeCTAR Research Cloud zones
  • instances within monash-01 will remain visible to each other
  • instances and volumes in the monash-01 zone will not be able to launch or delete or be otherwise manipulated via the Research Cloud APIs

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Migration was delayed until 10:00pm due to cabling issue and completed at 10:45pm.