[Complete] - Hazard Notice - Tasmanian Nectar node and Tasmanian RDSI services 1-Feb-2016 10:00 for 72-hours

When: Monday 1-Feb-2016 10:00 am

Duration: 72-hours

This is a hazard notice that network connectivity to and from the Tasmanian node of Nectar and related eResearch services (RDSI) will be at risk while we update software on network switches.

As majority of services have redundant connections and it is not expected that any outage will occur but there is a risk of brief network interruption while the switches are restarted. There is an additional risk of a switch not being recoverable and we're allowing an extended period for the vendor to respond with a replacement if needed. We will update this notice if a network switch replacement event occurs as the network connectivity will lose redundancy and there is risk of total loss of connectivity if the remaining switch encounters a fault condition.

This notice will be removed as soon as the network switch updates are successfully completed.

Any questions or concerns please contact helpdesk@tpac.org.au

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Update: This maintenance work has now been completed and the hazard notice is now withdrawn.