[Hazard Notice] Network connectivity in/out of monash-02 AZ

Following on from the Monash University data-centre move in February-March we have identified continuing stability issues with the network connecting the monash-02 availability zone to the Internet.

Three weeks ago this resulted in an extended period of high traffic loss into and out of the monash-02 AZ. At the time a workaround was put in place and since then we have been working with our network vendors and support to analyse the issue. They have now requested a service impacting change window in order to reintroduce the packet loss issue and capture further diagnostics. We plan to do this today (Friday 2nd of June) from 4pm with disruption expected to last no longer than 10 minutes.

Date: 2 June 2017

Time: 1600 AEDT

AZs affected: monash-02


Intermittent or slow Internet access and inter-subnet routing. Up to 50% packet loss.

Intra-subnet traffic, e.g., between cloud guests in the same zone and to volume storage services should not be impacted.

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We have identified and resolved the network issue yesterday 3 May 2017, 17:15hrs

If you still have an issue with your instances, please send email to support@ehelp.edu.au

Hi all. Please note that we have edited the original post to reflect ongoing investigation and troubleshooting for this issue, in particular we will now track and update any impact of planned changes here.

Hi all. FYI, this work is planned to begin at 4pm AEDT today (Friday 2nd of June).