[Complete][Hazard][monash-02] Storage cluster rebalance (Tues 1st August 2017)


This evening Tuesday 1/8/17 (from 6.00pm) the storage cluster software underpinning Cinder volumes in the monash-02 availability zone of the Research Cloud will be rebalanced.


During this time there may be minor disruptions to client IO on monash-02 volumes. This may manifest as block IO timeouts to instances attempting to write or read volumes.


If you experience any ongoing IO issues please report them to support.


Rebalancing completed early this morning (Thursday 3rd Aug).

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Internal data-rebalancing/replication is continuing and is likely to conclude sometime Thursday. Users may experience lower than normal performance during this time. If this is adversely impacting your applications or services on the research cloud then please contact support.

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