[Scheduled Outage] NCI Node - October 3 2017

The NCI NeCTAR node will be doing scheduled maintenance work from 08:00 to 18:00 on Tuesday the 3rd of October, 2017, our fourth quarterly maintenance window for the year. During this scheduled maintenance window we will be doing work on core networking infrastructure.

During the outage instances running on the NCI NeCTAR node will experience intermittent network connectivity losses; we expect that no instances will require reboots, however this may be necessary in some cases.  The NCI availability zone will be disabled during this period so that it will not be possible to create or destroy instances, or make changes through the dashboard or API. No precise timing is available for the connectivity losses, nor can they be constrained to particular instances, so no alternative or special arrangements can be made on a per-project basis.

While no long-term impact to user instances is anticipated we do recommend that all users verify that they have good backups of their data and where appropriate snapshots or other system backups.

We also recommend that any external users of your systems be advised of the outage window ahead of time.
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