[Service Disruption] Network interuptions in the QRIScloud AZ on Monday 11th February - between 4pm and 5pm (Qld time)

On Monday the 11th of February, QRIScloud staff along with our  internet providers will be performing changes to the network path for  some QRIScloud subnets. This change is one part of a series of changes  to enable 100Gbps on some network paths. It has been brought forward to  enable urgent future work to mitigate significant network congestion  issues on some paths. This will result in a loss of internet access for  between 5 and 15 minutes during the change window for the following  services:

  • NeCTAR Research Cloud VMs, floating IPs and tenant networks spanning availability zones
  • Flashlite
  • Awoonga
  • QRIScloud identity services
  • QRIScloud services portal

During the downtime, the internet gateway for the affected subnets  will be moved to new hardware that has already been commissioned. Most  services should not require intervention to reconnect to the internet  once the gateway has been moved. Internal communications on the affected  subnets should be unaffected.

Please track this QRIScloud page for updates:

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