[RESOLVED] [SERVICE DEGRADED] Storage in Tasmania / SA Availability Zones

Storage degradation


20 August 2019

From around 830pm AEST there has been significant storage performance degradation in the TAS and SA cells, causing issues with very low IO performance. We are investigating, at this time we expect reduced performance to continue for the remainder of the day.

22 August 2019 11am

Services are recovering with most instances now able to access their storage. Some instances are still unavailable and investigation is ongoing.

22 August 2019 2pm

A volume compatibility issue has been identified as the cause of remaining instance problems. These are being investigated and fixed.

22 August 2019 3pm

Outage start time moved back to evening on 20th August based on issues reported to helpdesk.

22 August 2019 4:45 pm

We believe the majority of current instances have been restored to activity. If your instance/s are still inaccessible please contact us via the details below and provide us with the project id/instance ids affected.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Other Availability Zones are unaffected.

If you need support with any issues being caused by this incident, please get in touch:

Submit a ticket at https://support.ehelp.edu.au/support/tickets/new

Email support@ehelp.edu.au