[Completed] [Scheduled Outage] melbourne-qh2 and melbourne-qh2-uom AZs December 2-4, 2019

Dear Research Cloud users,

Melbourne Research Cloud operation team have scheduled a maintenance window for the Research Cloud between 9am Monday December 2 and 5pm Wednesday December 4 (ADST) 2019. During this time, the entire Research Cloud at the University of Melbourne and all active compute instances will be shut down and inaccessible.  

What we will be doing: 

  • Migrate all cloud-related network VLAN routing to the new high speed research network 

  • Upgrade firmware and kernel on all cloud hypervisors to the latest to protect against security exploits 

  • Tune cloud hypervisors and the underlying storage cluster of the cloud for better performance 

  • Regular software patching and upgrades 

  • Consolidate physical cloud servers to better racks in the University datacenter 

The above work will bring you a faster and more secure cloud for your research, not just for now but to prepare for future cloud upgrades as well.  


Starting at 9am Monday December 2, we will shut down all active instances, and will power them back on by 5pm Wednesday December 4 


If you have any question or concern, please contact us at support@ehelp.edu.au Please include your project ID and instance UUIDs in the email body. 

Kind regards, 

Linh Vu, on behalf of the Melbourne Research Cloud team