COVID-19 Service Provision Update 24 March 2020

The Nectar Research Cloud is a nationally coordinated and locally delivered service into which many universities and research institutions contribute effort and resources.  While the cloud itself is insulated to some extent from issues facing any single institution or contributor, a situation that impacts all participants, such as the evolving COVID-19 responses, will necessarily raise the risk of material impact to the research cloud as a whole. 

We are working closely with our partner institutions to evaluate both risks and mitigations. While there is an increasing level of risk, we do not currently see any issues that would affect the continued operation of the Nectar Cloud. 

Please regularly check the Nectar Research Cloud service announcements page for any updates as that will be our primary mechanism of communication with you.  

We wish you the best in these difficult times and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via the Helpdesk at

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