[Schedule Maintenance] OpenStack upgrade infrastructure upgrade at Monash Research Cloud

Dear Monash Research Cloud User,

  This notice advises that we are performing OpenStack Infrastructure upgrade at Monash Research Cloud. 
This includes:
- Upgrading OpenStack compute services at the compute hypervisors
- Upgrading virtualisation software stack
- Switching from python2 to python3 for new virtualisation software stack
Start: 29th June 2020 11:00 am
End: 8th July 2020 3:00 pm

Availability zones: monash-01, monash-02, monash-03

The scheduled maintenance  will be performed as rolling upgrades. We anticipate there will be no downtime or disruption to the VM instances. However, due to the major version changes at multiple application layers, there might be a slight chance that our VM need to be reset during the process. We will be monitoring the process closely and verifying at every stage of the upgrade.
Whilst no impact to data stored on research cloud servers is expected, we recommend users to ensure that all backups are up-to-date. Please be aware that the research cloud compute infrastructure is not designed to be highly available, users should take this opportunity to ensure appropriate backup strategies are in place for critical data and/or services.

Research Cloud at Monash
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Dear users

We have completed OpenStack nova-compute upgrade at monash-01 and monash-02.

If you have an issue attaching/detaching volumes to your instances, please hard reboot your instance and attach/detach the volume again.

If you still have an issue after hard-rebooting your instance, please contact us at support@ehelp.edu.au


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