[Completed] [Scheduled maintenance][monash] Compute Infrastructure Rolling Upgrades across Monash AZs

Over the next few weeks we will be performing regular important security and firmware updates to research cloud compute infrastructure in the monash-01, monash-02 and monash-03 availability-zones.


OS packages, kernel and underlying hardware firmware security updates will be performed both as part of the regular research cloud upgrade cycle.


These upgrades will be disruptive to research cloud compute instances and involve downtime approximately 2-4 hours per instance as the underlying compute infrastructure is upgraded. The upgrades will be performed in a rolling fashion, with specific outage notifications for impacted instances being sent ahead of time. At the time of each upgrade the impacted instances will be stopped and restarted by our engineers.

Only compute services will be impacted by these upgrades. Volume and object storage services have operational redundancy that allows these upgrades to be performed without interruption.


Starting from week of 13th of July until completed. Advanced warning with specific outage dates for particular instances will be emailed to project owners and members. Progress updates will be posted here. 

Best regards,

R@CMon team

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