[Hazard notice] IP Address migration for tasmania, tasmania-s and associated floating IP pool

The University of Tasmania is evacuating the range used by TPAC. As a result of  this change the Tasmanian zones in the Nectar Research Cloud have been identified services affected.

144.6.X.X IP  addresses may become inactive after the 31st of July 2021 and WILL be unavailable by the start of August. All services using a 144.6.X.X IP address in the Nectar Research Cloud including instances and virtual routers will need to move to a new IP address before this date. The preferred method is for the change to be made by  project owners at their convenience, however if no action is taken prior to the 31st of July, TPAC will be shutting down instances and removing  old IP addresses.

The full text of this announcement can be found on the TPAC website along with instructions on how to migrate instances to new addresses and any known problems.