[Resolved] Auckland Nectar zone: Connectivity issues from UoA wireless networks

Ever since the recent upgrade of the UoA wireless network to address performance issues, researchers connected to the UoA wireless networks cannot connect to Nectar virtual machines in Auckland anymore. 
This affects e.g. SSH login, HTTP(s) connections, connections to Windows virtual machines using a Microsoft Remote Desktop client, and also the console on the Nectar dashboard.  

1) Connect to your virtual machine from campus using a wired connection, OR 
2) Connect to VPN when you are connected to the UoA wireless network  

A ticket with central IT to resolve this issue is in progress.  
We will update this announcement when the problem has been resolved, and apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.  

Kind regards, 
The Nectar@Auckland Support Team
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This issue has been resolved. Access to Nectar VMs from the University of Auckland wireless networks is functional again.

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